Lebanese Comedian With 137K Followers Is Using His Platform To Help People Find Jobs


Lebanese comedian/internet personality Farid Hobeiche, also known by his handle Farixtube, has been using his online platform to put smiles on the faces of thousands of followers.

His light-hearted and satirical videos often poke fun at different issues people relate to, such as the economic crisis and the pandemic/lockdown.

In addition to creating feel-good content that makes the best of the worst situation, Farid is using his reach to help unemployed people find jobs.

Farid had already been able to happily connect a few people with their new employers simply through using social media. But he saw the opportunity to expand on that and help more people in their job hunt.

That’s why he just launched a website parody of LinkedIn called FarixedIn to help employers post job vacancies which he will in turn share on his Instagram Stories and spread the word to thousands of his followers.

According to him, at least 60,000 people will see the job listing through his Instagram.

Things like this serve as a warm indication that people do indeed help people in hard times and those who want to do good will find their own unique way to do it.

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