7 Lebanese Comedians That Are Breaking The Internet

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Get ready to laugh your socks off because stand-up comedy in Lebanon is taking the entertainment scene to the next level!

Since 2019, a handful of cool venues decided to embrace the art of comedy, hosting hilarious shows and open mic nights. Since then, a wave of local comedians have skyrocketed to fame, leaving audiences in stitches.

These comedic geniuses have not only become headliners in Lebanon but are now conquering stages across the globe! Brace yourself for a riotous ride as we introduce you to some brilliant jokesters.

Nour Hajjar

This Lebanese stand-up comedian has become known as one of the brightest stars in Beirut’s comedy constellation.

With his razor-sharp wit and a knack for captivating audiences, Nour has skyrocketed to fame, leaving a trail of laughter in his wake.

Known for his uproarious stand-up comedy specials “Meit Shabb” and “Selloum w Hayye,” Nour has become synonymous with hilarity and has been taking over the stages at popular venues like KED and Play Beirut,


As the trailblazing and unapologetically queer comedian of the Middle East, Shaden fearlessly steps onto the stage to tackle subjects that push the boundaries and challenge societal taboos.

With a comedic flair that knows no bounds, she fearlessly delves into the realms of female sexuality, homosexuality, racism, religion, and mental health, sparking conversations that desperately need to be talked about.

Shaden’s performances serve as powerful platforms, defying conventions and daring her audiences to question the status quo. Through her sharp wit and thought-provoking humor, she dismantles stereotypes, ignites dialogue, and promotes understanding and acceptance in a region hungry for change.

John Achkar

Meet the Lebanese sensation, John Achkar, whose journey into the comedic world began in the most unexpected way.

John’s comedic spirit was ignited, propelling him on a path toward a remarkable acting career that would captivate audiences around the world.

As John’s comedic prowess blossomed, so did his fame in Lebanon. His infectious charisma and razor-sharp humor captured the hearts of audiences not just around the country, but also all around the world.

Patrick Daoud

Back in late 2017, Patrick embarked on a journey that would catapult him to social media stardom, captivating audiences far and wide with his hilarious videos.

Patrick’s comedic genius found its home on Instagram, where he unleashed a humoristic revolution like no other. With a perfect blend of sarcasm, wit, and uproarious humor, Patrick’s content became a refuge of laughter in a world filled with challenges.


Gstrings is composed by George and George, a dynamic duo unlike any other!

These comedic maestros have combined their talents and passions to create a one-of-a-kind musical comedy project that will have you laughing, tapping your feet, and embracing the joyful spirit of Lebanon.

Their goal is to spread smiles and laughter, especially during those challenging moments when we need it most. You can find them at KED, where Awkword Comedy hosts their shows.

Imad Kehdy

If someone knows how to keep people entertained both on and off the stage, it’s Imad Kehdy. By day, he works at an insurance company yet, by night, he unleashes his comedic prowess, captivating audiences near and far.

Since his viral video in 2022, he has been on a roll, attracting twice as many followers while incorporating the role of Anthony Tony Antoine Antoun Eid, a young candidate running for the parliamentary election.

His comedy specials are a testament to his comedic genius, leaving audiences in stitches as he fearlessly pokes fun at people in the friendliest way possible. Be prepared to laugh until you cry as Imad’s jokes hit the mark with impeccable precision.

Nicolas Tawk

Nicolas Tawk is a rising star in the world of stand-up comedy, whose journey is as inspiring as it is hilarious.

This comedy haven became his creative playground, allowing him to craft special shows that leave audiences in stitches. From witty one-liners to hilarious anecdotes, Nicolas’s jokes have become the highlight of the night, captivating audiences and filling the room with pure comedic joy.

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