A Lebanese Illustrator Created Satirical Comics About Superman’s Daily Struggles In Lebanon


No one can express Lebanon’s real culture and lifestyle better than local artists who, despite all the circumstances, are staying put in their home country, and showcasing the local beauty and hardships in their art.

The talented Lebanese illustrator and interior architect Tony Maalouf (A.K.A El Maalouf) is also on this creative trend of voicing out the Lebanese problems using illustrations.

This time, El Maalouf shared satirical comics on his Instagram page, highlighting the Lebanese daily struggles using the renowned fictional superhero, Superman.

The “Lebanese Superman Diary” highlights how Superman has his house for sale due to travel, how he queues in front of a money exchange company, his shocking expression when handed the heavy generator bill, and more.

All problems that even superheroes can not bear, yet the Lebanese do!

The Lebanese fans found those comics relatable and loved how they can associate art with their day-to-day lives.

Previously, Tony Maalouf hopped – and nailed -the Infinite Zoom trend, showcasing Lebanese symbolism using Fairouz’s song “If the earth is round, my love.”

Notably, the Lebanese interior architect, artist, and illustrator has become known for his sketched and 3D art reflecting Lebanon’s rather-interesting culture, using everyday elements, nostalgia, and recent events shaping the country.

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