Lebanese Consulate in Rio Is Gathering the Works of All Lebanese-Brazilian Authors

The Consulate General of Lebanon in Rio de Janeiro has launched a project aimed at creating a virtual Lebanese-Brazilian expatriate library, bringing together the literary creations, in a multitude of fields, of both Lebanese and Lebanese descendants from the moment they stepped foot in Brazil until this day.


As per the Lebanese Consulate in Rio, “There is a very large number of Lebanese expatriates, most notably the second and third generation, who has written a large number of books. Unfortunately, most of them are forgotten. In order not to neglect their creative productions, we launched this project through a circulated video. It was not long before we began to receive calls from people who wanted to deposit their books, making it the first virtual library. “

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The consulate pointed out that the initiative is inspired by the project of Lebanese President Michel Aoun who hinted at the importance of the dialogue of religions and civilizations, and out of his desire to enhance the Lebanese expatriate presence in the host countries.


The consulate explained, “Through this library, all members of the community in Brazil will be able to learn about their creators’ work. It will also encourage them to write and create. This will generate a cultural renaissance that will be an important factor in strengthening their unity and belonging to historical origins.”

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The project will also include the creation of a virtual exhibition of fine arts, which will, in turn, aim to bring together the Lebanese expatriate creative productions in Brazil, in the fields of painting, sculpture, music and other fine arts.


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According to the consulate, the compilation of this artistic expatriate production “will have a significant impact on the hearts of the community, as it will reveal to them the rich creative capabilities, enhance their self-confidence, and restore to them a sense of historical ties that are threatened.”

While the work has started and authors have been submitting their books, the project will be launched on November 28 during the Brazil-Lebanon Tourism and Business Congress in Rio de Janeiro.


For our Lebanese authors, expat or descendant, in Brazil, wishing to publish their creations, you can contact the General Consulate in Rio via the following email: [email protected]. The Consulate is also welcoming volunteers to assist with the project.

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