Lebanese Court Just Convicted The ‘Captagon King’

Maryland State Bar Association

The Lebanese court convicted the Lebanese-Syrian drug-dealer “Captagon King” Hassan Dekko to 7 years of hard labor on Thursday for manufacturing and trafficking the illegal substance.

According to a judicial source, “Dekko was handed seven years of hard labor and convicted of manufacturing Captagon pills, and smuggling them abroad.”

Dekko was arrested last April on the accusation of operating a large Captagon trafficking ring out of a border village in the Bekaa area, where the majority of the drug is produced.

He was involved in the smuggling of the “largest drug shipment in the world,” where the shipment contained 94.8 million Captagon pills worth $1.26 billion and weighed around 16 tons.

This is the first time a significant drug kingpin has been found guilty in a Captagon case in Lebanon.