This Lebanese Was Just Crowned Miss Bolivia

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Lenka Nemer, a Lebanese beauty born in La Paz on March 1st, 1997, was just crowned Miss Bolivia Universo 2020, the competition’s 41st edition, on November 14th.

Nemer previously won two titles, Miss Deporte Patra and Miss Silueta Serenity, and now this Lebanese won the title of Miss Bolivia 2020 after competing against 21 other candidates.

The ceremony hosted no audience and was held at Estudio 5 de la Red UNO in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. It was Broadcasted Live by RED UNO.

Lenka Nemer is so much more than an extraordinary beauty. She is an International Relations student and is known to be exceptionally good at mathematics. A student champion in the mathematics Olympics, Nemer is indeed whom people praise as “beauty and brain.”

Nemer has other qualities worth citing. She’s a humanitarian and environmental activist spreading awareness for various causes, like global peace, peace in the Middle-East, and education for all, especially those in politically unstable countries, among others.

She is the founder of Huertos Urbanosbo, an Urban Crops Initiative that promotes environmental education and awareness, and calls for the preservation of our planet.

On August 4th, immediately after the Beirut Blast, Nemer took to her Instagram to send a heartwarming message of encouragement to the Lebanese and call to her network to pray for Lebanon with the hashtags #prayforlebanon.

“Stay strong, Lebanon. The world is with you,” she captioned her post.

She hasn’t indeed forgotten her roots.

Nemer is also multilingual. She speaks Spanish, English, and French, and is an artist who sings and plays the violin. She also works as a model.

Nemer will represent Bolivia in Miss Universe 2020. If she wins, that would make her the first Miss Universe from Bolivia.

The night of the competition after she got crowned, Lenka Nemer posted this beautiful message on Facebook: “Last night a moment happened that has changed my life forever. I am infinitely grateful to everyone who helped, encouraged, prayed for me, and supported me until the end. It was this very moment that showed me that with passion, willingness, persistence, and gain anything is possible.”

“That risking in the pursuit of a dream can sometimes give you an even greater gift than you could ever dream of. And that all those times that closed doors on me was really the universe redirecting me to something else.”

Congratulations to the beautiful Miss Bolivia 2020!

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