Lebanese Cuisine Ranked Among The 6 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines!

It is no secret that Lebanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines, if not THE best in the world! Travel & Leisure even ranked Beirut first place under the Best International Cities for Food.

As for 2017, QSR magazine placed Lebanese food among the six healthiest ethnic cuisines. The cuisines listed below use ingredients that have lots of health benefits.

Here is the “6 of the Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines” list:

#1 Japanese

#2 Vietnamese

#3 Indian

#4 Peruvian

#5 Greek

#6 Lebanese

This is what they had to say about Lebanese food:

“This centuries-old cuisine is packed with a long list of ancient, healthy ingredients. One that’s gaining in popularity in the U.S. is freekeh, a whole-wheat grain that’s low in fat; high in protein, fiber, iron, calcium, and zinc; and known for keeping blood sugar levels in check.”

“Lentils—a good source of fiber, manganese, iron, and protein—and chickpeas are other staples of Lebanese cuisine. The latter is used to make hummus, which can lower cholesterol.”

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