Luxury Lifestyle Of This Lebanese Customs Officer Is Raising A Lot Of Questions

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Colonel Khodor Al-Jamal is the Observer Officer at the General Directorate of Customs in Lebanon. He is allegedly close to PM Saad El-Hariri and has a history of working with Badri Daher, the Director-General of Customs at Beirut Port.

Saad Hariri (left) and Colonel Khodor Al-Jamal (right) via @thawramap

Badri Daher, who’s currently under arrest as a suspect in the Beirut Port explosion, was exposed last year by investigative journalist Riad Kobaissi of Al-Jadeed in a scandal of corruption within the port customs.

Last week, Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, charged Daher with crimes related to wasting public money. Also, Judge Charbel Abu Samra issued an arrest warrant against Daher for reportedly abusing his position in the drug-trafficking Saudi prince case.

Lately, the moves and lifestyle of Colonel Khodor Al-Jamal, who worked closely with Badri Daher, have been the subject of discussion among the Lebanese, including a meeting he had a few weeks before the Beirut explosion.

On the morning of July 21st, the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, received Badri Daher in his office. He was accompanied by Colonel Al-Jamal, where they discussed the cooperation and coordination between the two institutions.

An Instagram account called Thawramap, which tracks and spots Lebanese politicians, their families and other key people, first called out his activities.

The Instagram posts and stories, some of which seem to have been posted by family members of Colonel Al-Jamal, show quite the lifestyle and luxury items that don’t necessarily match the salary earned by someone in that position.

From Rolex watches and supercars to a luxurious wedding; a spending level on the likes of the 1%.

In this Instagram story screenshot is taken, presumably by one of his children, he is seen wearing a Rolex Yacht-Master ll watch.

Colonel Khodor Jamal seen wearing the Rolex – presumably posted by one of his children’s on Instagram – via @thawramap
Colonel Khodor Jamal seen wearing the Rolex – presumably posted by one of his children’s on Instagram – via @thawramap

The watch can be seen retailing for around $21,000 USD.

In addition to that, the registry shows an Audi R8 and an Aston Martin DB9 registered to him.

An Aston Martin DB9 was priced at around $165,000 when released in 2006 (year of his car).

Aston Martin DB9

At the time of release in 2008 (year of his car), an Audi R8 was going for a starting price of $109,000.

Audi R8

There’s also his daughter’s wedding with a hefty price tag.

The Colonel wasn’t immediately available for comment.