Video: Lebanese Dancers Performing Epic Dabke Moves!

The dabke is the best part of Lebanese parties! It’s a beautiful dance that brings people together in moments of joy and celebration.

Zoom Tube is a YouTube channel that posts awesome dabke videos. This clip shows dabke moves performed by 20 Lebanese dance masters.

Lebanese people are so extra when it comes to dabke

In 2009, 4,475 Lebanese-Canadians formed the longest dabke line ever during the Lebanese Cultural Festival in Montreal and broke the Guinness World Record.

Also, a new trend emerged last summer, and that is dancing the dabke on the wall and the ceiling, literally!

Some Lebanese people defied gravity and took their national dance to a whole new level! Videos of people performing crazy dabke moves went viral on social media.

The clips were posted under the hashtag #DabkeChallenge.

Lebanese wedding guests distracted Australian police officers with dabke

Earlier this year, two police officers came to raid a Lebanese wedding in New South Wales, but the guests distracted them with dabke.

The video is beyond epic!

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