Meet The Lebanese Deaf-Born Contemporary Dancer Pierre Geagea Who’s Using Rhythmic Senses In His Performances

Nadira Amrani

The Lebanese Pierre Geagea is a deaf-born artist, dancer, and actor specializing in contemporary dance, combining both dancing and sign language in his artistic work.

With his knowledge of the world around him, Geagea first discovered his talent alone, and step by step, he was able to find a new way to freely express himself using his body.

While risking everything, Pierre participated in several shows around the world before developing his first solo performance, Mother Tongue, fusing the unpredictable rhythmicity of contemporary dance with the expressiveness of sign language.

The brain-child of the Lebanese dancer interweaves dance moves with gestural speech, onstage acrobatics, as well as narrative video projections to sketch a unique portrait of a deaf dancer. He also recently worked on his second show, Entrechaînes.

When asked about how he first discovered his love for dancing and how he turned it into a creative art, Pierre Geagea told 961 that he was not feeling good at first that he can’t hear and talk.

“But because I have affection I swear something happened. It’s like I started experimenting with my body to try and feel the rhythm of the music. It’s very difficult since I don’t hear,” he added.

The Lebanese Contemporary dancer also commented that people who are hard of hearing can use art as an essential tool for communication, as “they can always understand everything with art.”

Pierre Geagea is also very proud to represent his country, Lebanon, in his ever-growing dancing journey.

“I am proud that I am a deaf Lebanese person who can perform art and shine raising Lebanon’s name high in such dark days and unfortunate situations we are living,” he commented.

When asked about his plans, the deaf-born contemporary expressionist dancer told 961 that he is now working on many plans, including a dance school and deaf theater art.

Despite all the difficulties in Lebanon, many Lebanese artists are striving locally and abroad with all their “in-born” talents and creativity, and Pierre Geagea is one of them.

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