Lebanese Deputies Are Invited to Sign the Revolution List of Demands

In a positive maneuver, a group protesters from the Fouad Shehab Square in Jounieh prepared a list of the revolution’s demands, and intend to get them signed by as many deputies as they can. The group has already gathered signatures by various deputies of Kessrwan, proven their patriotic concern for Lebanon and the people.


The protesters took action this week, starting to visiting the houses and offices of the deputies residing in Kessrwan. The first to sign the list was MP and former brigadier Chamel Roukoz, who has voiced his support of the uprising several times since its beginning, and whose office is located in Sahel Alma, Kessrwan. 

MP  Neemat Frem’s residence in Qlayaat was the second stop for the group, where they added his signature to their paper. After granting them his signature, Frem shared with the group his conviction that this revolution “is for all Lebanese.”

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Still addressing the revolution, he noted that “we are long overdue,” and stressed the importance of the protesters’ demands, and the necessity of conducting parliamentary consultations and forming a government of technocrats and specialists.

He pointed out the necessity of drawing up a sound economic plan and holding early parliamentary elections, which could lead to the enforcement of the law of the looted money recovery.

After Sahel Alma and Qlayaat, the group headed to Okaibe and paid a visit to MP Chawki Daccache, who also signed the demands’ document and commented on the revolution. Daccache said that “this revolution” crossed all regions and sects, and stressed the importance of supporting it.


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He also complimented the protesters, telling them that their voice has created a new electoral count, and considering that “all the demands of the protesters are righteous, especially the first which is to accelerate parliamentary consultations.”

He also shed light on the importance of unity in the revolution, mentioning the nearing holiday season and the significance of its spirit for the Lebanese.


This is only the beginning of deputies taking a stance with their communities protesting to save Lebanon as we hope for the majority to follow suit for the sake of their country.

Why this move is important? As explained in an article published last month, the Chamber of Deputies can impeach the Council of Ministers, as per Article 70 of our Constitution, for breach of their duties, “by a two-thirds majority of the total members of the Chamber.”

To know more in that regard, read: Lebanese Citizens Can Remove Their Government by Constitutional Rights.


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