This Lebanese Designer Supported the Revolution at Paris Fashion Week

The Lebanese revolution has put Lebanon and the Lebanese people in the spotlight. However, pro-revolutionists don’t deem it enough.

In their own way, with their own skills, and wherever they are, they find a way to make their patriotic statement.

Somehow, this revolution has awakened a fire within most of us, and our love for Lebanon hasn’t been as powerful as now.

Lebanese fashion designer George Chakra is among these Lebanese who are carrying that flame within themselves, and he did so all the way to Paris where he presented his spring 2020 couture collection at the Petit Palace.

Chakra is a seasoned fashion designer who has earned high repute in the world of fashion, and for a good reason. He’s among the best and now, once again, he has made the news with his remarkable talent. 

The 47-pieces he presented were, of course, as strikingly beautiful as always.  However, the dresses alone were not what stood out during this event; the roses were, with the message they carried, gracefully placed on every seat awaiting the guests.

A beautiful white rose with the note “A Rose Flower for Freedom” sided on both sides by the now-famous self-identifying red circle of the Lebanese revolution.

Made with such elegance and grace, the statement of Chakra is not less strong than the voices of the Lebanese revolutionaries in the homeland.

His fashion events are attended by the elite and by the press, both French and international. All received the message, and those who wondered would have looked it up. 

Freedom is what the Lebanese revolution is fighting for; freedom from corruption, from abuses, from unjust laws, and from oppressive foreign tutelages.

To all his audience, he conveyed the cry of the Lebanese people. Their voices have been heard, once again, thanks for the personal initiative of this designer’s love for his country.

On that note, George Chakra mesmerized the audience of the Grammy Awards held on January 26 with his outstanding talent. Both he and the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad made it to the best dress list.  

Georges Chakra started off as an interior designer. Two years after graduating, he moved to Canada to finish his education at the Canadian Fashion Academy.

He returned to Lebanon in 1985 and opened his first shop. He is today among the top internationally, dressing up celebrities around the world.

No matter what Lebanese people do and where they are, they always hold Lebanon dearly in their hearts. Their love for their country is unwavering.

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