Meet The Lebanese Designers Working With A-list Celebrities!

George Azzi and Assaad Osta were both born in 1986. The two knew they were natural born artists, and so each one of them during the early years nourished their creative juices through various influences.

George’s tailor grandmother used to hand him scraps that he would collect and sew together into intricate patterns and forms. He, later on, discovered his love for surrealist art.

He found in this movement the ideal reconciliation between dream and reality. The reconciliation that would later become the muse and inspiration behind his unique style.

Assaad’s universe was prone to design early on. His mother, dissatisfied with what mainstream fashion had to offer, used to sew her own dresses and spend countless hours adjusting the garments to achieve the perfect fit.

His observation of his mother taught him the strive for perfection. During his adolescent years, he became fascinated with classical music and Film Noir, both “very elusive, always out of reach.”

The duo would then carry their design influences and enrol into Esmod Beyrouth in 2004 upon completing their high school studies.

Upon presenting their final collections, Azzi received the Prize of the President of the Jury Mr. Elie Saab. Osta was awarded the Prize of The Jury.

Their diplomas and awards in hand, they both landed the positions of Assistant Designers at Elie Saab Fashion House.

After 18 months of internship, the duo set out to create Azzi & Osta in the vibrant Beirut art scene where they quickly proved their talents.

Azzi & Osta creates unique, elegant and eclectic couture pieces for the modern elegant woman. And it hasn’t been long before the label became world-renowned.

George Azzi and Assaad Osta owned the title “red carpet fashion designers”.

After working with artists like Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, and Cardi B, the duo won’t be an easy act to follow!