The Lebanese Diaspora Is Now One Step Closer To Lebanon With This New Decree!

During the 4th Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) Conference held at BIEL, President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri signed the first decree that allows Lebanese expats to reclaim their nationality. At the opening of the conference, Gebran Bassil, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, stressed the importance of the repatriation of the Lebanese Diaspora. In addition to that, he said that political parties are negotiating to dedicate 6 seats in the parliament to the expatriates. The President reassured the Diaspora by mentioning that the economic situation in Lebanon is improving. Thus, they should not worry about the current financial situation and the national currency. He then added that expatriates should always be loyal to the countries that embraced them. But at the same time, they should not forget their homeland and do their best to contribute to its development. The

Lebanese Diaspora Energy

(LDE) is a patriotic initiative launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in 2014 under the tenure of Minister Gebran Bassil. Its objectives are:

  • Celebrating the Diaspora’s success stories
  • Promoting the Lebanese heritage
  • Establishing connections between the Diaspora and the residents
  • Exploring new possibilities for Lebanon

  All in all, we are counting on the Diaspora to restore the image of Lebanon. Together, we can show what Lebanon truly is. Let’s make this happen:

claim your nationality


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