Lebanese Diaspora in France to Protest Against the Gov’t Amid the ISG Meeting

France is hosting the meeting of the International Group Support for Lebanon (ISG) on Wednesday, December 11, to discuss the Lebanese crisis and the status quo of Lebanon, including the people’s demands. This meeting was a result of the plea for aid that caretaker PM Saad Hariri issued last week. 


The meeting aims for “the rapid formation of an effective and credible government in Lebanon” and to reduce the pressure of Lebanon’s financial system by restoring the local currency. 

Last year, the meeting hosted in France led to $11 billion donated to assist Lebanon in economic recovery and implementing a set of structural and economic reforms for the country. However, Lebanon has not been able to overcome these difficulties due to the political bickering paralyzing the government leading to Lebanon having the highest debt worldwide.

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Up to yesterday, the Lebanese government was still undecided about who will be part of the delegation representing Lebanon in the ISG meeting.

Little prospect of meaningful developments are expected as the delegation is expected to be formed of low level officials, lacking decision-making powers. In addition, this delegation does not have a concrete program to present during the meeting.

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Accordingly, the Lebanese people are calling for the protests to stop this meeting. The diaspora in France will be protesting on December 11, voicing out loud and clear their complete refusal of the current Lebanese government without exceptions.

These protests will carry the same demands of the Lebanese revolution, calling for an independent and technocratic government free of all the current politicians.

Since the beginning of the revolution, the Lebanese in the diaspora all over the world have stood in solidarity with their homeland and their people protesting in Lebanon. Lebanese in France were as relentless with their demonstrations in various French cities in order to support the revolution. 


The demands are simple and have been heard worldwide; an end to corruption and to an obsessively stubborn political body that refuses to budge and honors our democracy.

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