Lebanese Diaspora Back To the World Streets To Support The Revolution

Since the start of the Lebanese revolution last October, Lebanese across the world have joined in solidarity, with peaceful yet passionate demonstrations in their cities.

Whether they’re currently abroad for their education or have relocated for a new life or are children of Lebanese immigrants, they all carry Lebanon in their hearts, feel the pain of the people in the homeland, and desire the best for Lebanon.

Since the onset of the Revolution, their demonstrations were organized mostly, but not only, in front of the Lebanese embassy in their cities, carrying the same demands as the protests in Lebanon.

Their movements of solidarity extended further when many flew to Lebanon joining in the ‘parade of the revolution’ on Independence Day.

They also showed up in Lebanon during Christmas and New Year, flying in from 45 countries to support both the economy and the protests.

With the Week of Anger feeding the flame of the revolution and Lebanon witnessing a fierce rebirth of the civil disobedience, the diaspora is now back organizing demonstrations of solidarity in their cities.

While the diaspora protests started spontaneously in the world cities, these fervent expats soon connected with each other and got themselves organized in an impressive chain of coordination across the seas and the continents.   

Meghterbin Mejtemiin has been a main coordinating group since then, with protests organized in more than 50 countries in support of the Lebanese revolution.

The group has made it easier for Lebanese all over the world to unite, conduct timely protests simultaneously, and make their voices heard to the world.

Now, the diaspora is going back to the streets of their cities to fuel support to the revolution in its Week of Anger.

The Lebanese diaspora has launched a call for a Worldwide Diaspora Movement in collaboration with Meghterbin Mejtemiin in all cities/states across America and Europe on the 26th of January. 

And yet, the Lebanese expats in London and Paris won’t be waiting for January 26th. In the coming days, their demonstrations will be taking place until then:

London: The call “Back to the streets until our demands are met” has been launched, and the protest will take place in London on January 19th, from 12 PM to 2 PM in front of the Lebanese Embassy.

Paris: “Mobilisation des Libanais à Paris” will gather the Lebanese in the French capital on January 19, under the title “The Sunday of Anger” from 3 pm to 5 pm, at Place du Trocadéro.

Across the US and Europe, calls have been launched for the demonstration of Jan 26th, and we will be expecting pertinent details to share with you.

For time being, messages are spreading online, such as: “A ‘Rage From L.A.’ marching protest will be taking place in Los Angeles USA in support of the “Week of Anger” in Lebanon,” and “We are back! California, it’s time to rise again, especially with all the escalation in our beloved Lebanon.”  

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