Lebanese-Directed “Glimpses Of A Future” Is Now Streaming On Netflix


Netflix is currently streaming the Lebanese-led homemade docuseries “Glimpses of A Future” that was filmed entirely in the midst of the pandemic.

It features 8 home-based episodes made in collaboration between 8 creative writers and 9 creative movers in Lebanon, France, Iran, Jordan, and the United States.

Filmed using smartphone cameras and voice recorders, the episodes follow words and movements as they envision a future after the pandemic in a production that is so simple yet so profound.

The creative director behind “Glimpses of a Future” Romy Assouad is certainly a force to be reckoned with. She is the mind behind Yaraqa, a Lebanese socio-cultural enterprise that connects dance/movement artists, designers, and business experts to make an impact through movement and dance.

As the founder of Yaraqa, she was recently featured in Forbes magazine for her work on the Netflix short-film docuseries that “spotlights dance as a way to reimagine the post-pandemic future.”

Interestingly, as a testament to its relatability, the film resonated with people who don’t normally consume dance, Assouad told Forbes.

“Yaraqa’s ‘Glimpses of a Future’ gently reminds us that in times of extreme uncertainty, a basic human need re-emerges: that of reimagining the future,” reads the Yaraqa website.

Watch the trailer below:

Glimpses of a Future Trailer from Yaraqa on Vimeo.

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