11 Lebanese Dishes That Will Make You Miss Lunch At Your Grandma’s

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Everyone knows Lebanon for its delicious mezze, hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, etc. But there are some special Lebanese dishes that will only give locals a hit of instant nostalgia and our expats a pang of longing for home.

These are dishes that have been made throughout the generations. And they’re definitely meals that any Lebanese person has enjoyed at their grandmother’s house.

#1 Koussa Bel-Laban

Koussa bel Laban is a warm homey meal made of zucchini stuffed with a mix of rice and meat and cooked in plain yogurt with a hint of garlic.

#2 Mloukhiyeh

A traditional dish using chopped mallow leaves cooked with chicken and sometimes meat, and sided with vermicelli rice; the Lebanese way.

#3 Wara2 3enab

The elite Lebanese dish of every grandma’s kitchen has to be the Wara2 Enab. The stuffed grape leave rolls take a certain skill and a lot of time to make and are simply a culinary delight, whether in its rich version or its simpler one.

They’re made at almost every holiday/special occasion, sometimes even when welcoming people who come from abroad. There’s a vegan version too.

#4 Fasouliya bel Lahme

A cozy bean stew that’s best enjoyed on those cold winter days.

#5 Sbenegh w riz

Probably every parent or grandparent brought up Popeye the Sailor Man when trying to get kids to eat this traditional spinach and rice dish!

#6 Yakhnet Bazela

A pea stew that just exudes all those authentic home kitchen vibes.

#7 Shish Barak

The ultimate Lebanese comfort food! Meat dumplings cooked in plain yogurt and served warm, and sometimes sided by mujadara (lentil rice pilaf) or vermicelli rice.

#8 Malfouf

Stuffed cabbage rolls in a tangy sauce with pomegranate molasses.

#9 Loubieh

Different Lebanese grandmas have their own special way of making this green bean stew. There is also a vegan version.

#10 Vegan Kibbeh

A baked vegan Kibbeh made of burghul and pumpkin or potatoes and stuffed with chickpeas, spinach, and caramelized onions; a prideful dish of our tetas!

#11 Bemieh Bel Lahme

The Okra stew is probably the ultimate grandma’s dish that could drag a Lebanese to ride the miles to visit. Usually cooked with meat, there is also a vegan version of this recipe.

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11 Lebanese Dishes That Will Make You Miss Lunch At Your Grandma's

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