These Lebanese DJs Are Rocking It Regionally & Internationally

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The DJ scene in Lebanon has been unraveling quickly in the past decade with many self-taught DJs emerging from humble beginnings to becoming local and regional stars.

Some have even been recognized in Europe and beyond. Here are some of the remarkable Lebanese DJs who are rocking it as they contribute to the DJ culture in the Middle East and beyond.

#1 Jack Sleiman

Virgin Radio’s Jack Sleiman is an iconic Lebanese DJ and producer with many singles to his name. He has produced beats for well known artists such as Karl Wolf, Sean Kingston, Skales, and many others.

#2 DJ Rodge

Roger Saad ‘Rodge’ is a legendary Lebanese DJ with a passion for music. He’s widely known for his work in Mix FM and DJing in The Village Dbayeh.

He has opened major events and concerts for world-famous artists like Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and others.

#3 Dj Kayy

Starting with school parties and small events, 23-year-old Karim Rahouli only began professionally in 2017 at Hype in Batroun, helping develop the RnB scene in the town.

In the same year, he managed to get residencies in Garden in Jbeil and TrapHouse in Beirut. He has recently released his own track, No Debate, in which he also sings.

#4 Liliane Chlela

Pushing the boundaries for women in the Lebanese DJ scene, music artist Liliane Chlela is loved for her distinct and experimental sounds.

She’s famous as a versatile music producer, sound artist & hybrid DJ, and for creating her own hypnotic sounds. “I use machines to create noise,” she labels her creative work, and people love it.

She has several tracks on SoundCloud, and recently released a new album titled Malign/Benign, and “2022 – Liliane Chlela” was just released by Polarys Collective on youtube:

#5 Madi Karimeh

Madi K has been DJing for over a decade. He is famously known as the Revolution DJ or Thawra DJ since he hyped the crowds in both Tripoli and Beirut during the October 17 Revolution. He became very popular in the region, his DJing posts going viral on social media.

He’s credited for turning the protests of Tripoli into happy sit-ins for a long while and uniting the people on Nour Square, a remarkable endeavor picked up and shared by Reuters.

#6 MaDJam

Ahmad Ajam “MaDJam” started off with school parties and instantly became a leading DJ in Lebanon and helped develop the club scene in both Beirut and Dubai.

#7 DJ DnK

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From Beirut, DJ DnK, Dimitri Khneisser, has been DJing for over 10 years. He specializes in hip-hop and RnB. He has participated twice in the Red Bull 3 Style DJ competition.

#8 Edrien

Beginning at the young age of 14 in 2010, Edrien is a producer/DJ that specializes in hip hop and R&B. He is currently is the resident DJ at Oxygene Club Doha, one of the leading clubs in Qatar. 

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