Lebanese Doctor Died Fighting The Pandemic In Kuwait

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The coronavirus claimed the life of yet another Lebanese doctor fighting the pandemic.

Dr. Abdel Motaleb Abbas Wazni, 56, from Tyre, lost his life to the coronavirus where he worked in Kuwait. His family confirmed his death on Wednesday night, reported NNA.

Dr. Abdel Motaleb Abbas Wazni is the second doctor in Kuwait to succumb to the virus after Dr. Maher Fakih, who passed away in June.

He is also the third Lebanese doctor to give his life to the virus in this last week.

A Lebanese doctor, Maher Hatoum, passed in Belgium merely a week ago. He had been struggling with the virus since April.

On Monday, 32-year-old Louay Ismail passed away in Nabih Berri Government Hospital in Nabatiyeh after having contracted the virus from a patient. Grimly, he became the first Lebanese doctor to pass away in Lebanon.

Dr. Abdel Motaleb Abbas Wazni was married and had one son. May he and all the doctors who gave their lives to the saving of others rest in peace.

Moments like these are a reminder that the pandemic is far from over. According to the Ministry of Health, Lebanon is in the 3rd stage of transmission, and verging on the 4th.

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What most lebanese showed in recent days in terms of solidarity, responsibility and awareness is beautiful. Most of the lebanese have been committed to quarantining themselves as if we were in a state of emergency. This is super important for the coming days. Yesterday, about 2 million dollars were collected from personal donations just after one episode of صار الوقت. Donations to fight this virus. Now we have to keep it up and spread the awareness as much as possible. We don't have a margin for error, we don't have the capacity to take in many cases and this is frightening. What if one of your family members was rejected due to this limited capacity, how would you feel? We have so many examples to learn from, like Italy. They have been suffering these past couple of weeks and you can check the horrible videos being shared on your feeds. I don't care what the government does or says, we can fight this and we will. Yes we're bored, feeling down and we want to go out but such actions will have terrible consequences. Take advantage of this confinement, it's a life lesson to start appreciating everything we took for granted before this whole pandemic. And please! For the well-being of your loved ones, stay at home. It's the least we can do to help our heroes in hospitals, in the red cross / civil defense or volunteering in any NGO putting their lives at risk to save us. Stay safe ❤ . . ?: Nabil Ismail Rami Rizk

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Improving hygiene and changing social habits can go a long way to reduce the spread. It is the least one can do to honor the Lebanese doctors and patients that we’ve lost.

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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