This Lebanese Doctor In France Is Revolutionizing The Uterine Transplant

Lebanese people are always quite successful abroad, and Dr. Jean-Marc Ayoubi is no exception! Ayoubi was born in Lebanon and raised in Koura. He moved to Paris to study medicine and eventually settled in France.

Now, Dr. Jean-Marc Ayoubi is a researcher, a professor, and has been the head of the maternity department in a hospital for 15 years.

He has nearly 150 publications in scientific journals that contributed to the advancement of medicine. In addition to that, he holds the French Legion of Honor which is the highest distinction in France.

Things he is working on

Dr. Ayoubi is working on treating female infertility. With hard work and dedication, this Lebanese surgeon along with his team at Hôpital Foch is working on increasing the success of the in vitro fertilization to 70%.

Currently, the chances for this procedure to work are only 30%. Until now, he achieved several things that will help to beat infertility: The treatment of the ovary and intrauterine insemination.

The biggest challenge is transplanting the fetus inside the uterus.

Ayoubi is also working on womb’s transplant to give a second chance for women who lack one. The same procedure could be performed on those whose womb is diseased.

His team is the only one in France that is working on this project. It is also the first one in France to do a womb transplant which was a huge success.

Thanks to the approval of the Research Directorate in France, he will be able to perform this surgery in “Hôpital Foch” starting in 2018.

A proud Lebanese

Dr. Jean-Marc Ayoubi is proud of his Lebanese heritage. He believes that Lebanon lights up the whole region with its diversity and peaceful coexistence.

Ayoubi is the President of the French-Lebanese Medical Association. He organized several medical conferences in the Mediterranean region, specifically in these countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.  

The aim was to bring together medical authorities in this region with those in France. He hopes to help Lebanese students who graduated in medicine to do their training in France.

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