Lebanese Doctor Offers To Help Amputee Protester Whose Picture Circulated Online

Among the thousands of photos of the protests and protesters circulating online these days, a particular one has deeply touched the public and prompted a Lebanese doctor to take action.

That was the photo of a protester with an amputated leg, cleaning a street in Tripoli, North Lebanon.

Doctor Raed Lattouf took at once the personal initiative to help him. He posted the picture on his Facebook page, asking the public to help him find the man.

The man is Mohammad El Zo’by, a citizen of Tripoli and a participant in the protest. A camera of another protester captured him holding a groom in one hand, cleaning his city after the protest, and leaning on a crutch with the other.

People were so impressed by him and his determination that they declared him the symbol of the bride of the revolution aka the city of Tripoli.

Every person has been sacrificing something to keep this revolution going strong. Lebanese people all over have been doing the best they can, some even challenging themselves, and the best example of this is Mohammed.

The picture of his resilience, which was taken on the morning of day 8 of the revolution, came back to him as instant karma. The very next day, Lebanese doctor Raed Lattouf saw it and felt the need to help him out.

The doctor posted the picture on his facebook page with the caption: “If this young man wants, and accepts, and allows me, I would like for me to take care of installing a prosthetic for him, I am ready for this duty. Anyone who knows how to reach this decent person, contact me so we can start with the necessary procedures.”

Dr. Raed Lattouf, who is also a protester, has a clinic for cosmetic and implant dentistry in Sin El Fil, in Beirut.

He even confirmed that this won’t be the only case he’ll be willing to take care of. Lattouf also encouraged and called anyone who is able to help those in need to not hesitate.

We got in touch with Dr. Lattouf for updates, and we came to know that, indeed, he managed to find Mohammed and contacted him the same day he posted the picture.  

From here, knowing that Dr. Lattouf is as humanitarian as to take care of his amazing personal initiative, we take a stand in respecting Mohammed’s privacy, wishing him all the very best.

May this heart-warming story encourage everyone to be helpful and caring for each other!

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