This Lebanese Doctor’s New Invention Is Set To Boost Farming in Lebanon

Dr. Naji Kaadi, a full-time professor at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Department of Geography, has recently invented a user-friendly technology of specific programming to benefit farmers in Lebanon.

This invention is a machine that measures and calculates, with high speed and accuracy, the hours of the sun and clouds and determines the climatic conditions in a particular agricultural area in preparation for farming.

As per Dr. Kaadi, this invention is “difficult for the inventor and easy for the user,” and “helps the farmer to get to know the climatic environment of the land he intends to cultivate and the suitability of a particular geographic area to utilize solar energy [in order] to generate electricity on it.”

He announced that the machine is now available in the Department of Agricultural Scientific Research in Riyaq since the middle of last August.

He explained that it “has a precise programming technology, it takes solar rays and analyzes it electronically and turns the data into four sections (full sun, light sun, weak sun, absence of the sun).

The farmer can transfer the data via the memory card to Excel and view the information without having to analyze it.”

As per Dr. Kaddi, this new machine is ready to launch into the Lebanese market according to demands. He added that it “works on solar energy and is equipped with a system capable of reducing the need of the sun during the winter.” 

It is worth mentioning that the patent for the new machine will be issued soon by the Ministry of Economy and Trade in Beirut.

In 2010, Dr. Kaadi obtained a patent related to the development of a groundwater level testing machine and an intellectual property protection certificate to develop a new mathematical method for calculating the size of small and medium water basins.

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