This Lebanese Doctor Found a New Way to Treat Cancer!

It isn’t rare to hear that Lebanese people are marking their significance in the world. The Lebanese community, collectively, embodies many distinctive features that differentiate them from the rest of the world. No bragging here, just stating the evident.

We don’t, however, disregard the importance of their new environment that favors their capabilities to do so and make an impact.

Whilst this success is spreading around the world, our basis in this story is found in the architectural and cultural country of Italy.

Lebanese native Mohamed Khalil has been undertaking Natural Herb studies in a prominent university, based in Italy. He managed to look deeply into Lebanon’s roots and find that Lebanon’s land cultivates herbs that can treat cancer and liver diseases.

He stated in an interview with the National Information Agency that, due to Lebanon’s natural climate and its spectacular four seasonal weather, our land allows its plants to grow healthily and naturally.

He is currently collaborating with the Lebanese University and the University of Genoa, Italy, to research and develop this new profound study as much as possible.

The emphasis of the chemical compounds- phytochemicals and therapeutic properties, originally found in the thyme herb species grown in the South of Lebanon, are the basis of this new treatment.

The Faculty of Sciences in the Lebanese University, supervised by Dr. Hala Khalifa and Dr. Ahmad Daher, is continuously engaging in research to understand the reasons for this upcoming treatment, with the support of Dr. Adriana Fushi and Dr. Laura Vergani from the University of Genoa in Italy.

The research concluded that the herb essences has polyphenols, which has provided valuable medical properties to people that carry the disease.

The herb is meant to lower the lipid excess, and reduce the damage made from oxidative stress. The plant is meant to kill the cancer cell, without killing other positive cells in the body. Any extensive trial testing period will be held, to test the waters of this potential treatment.

In hopes of success to this carefully moderated study, it proves that mother nature can truly pave the way to success with its natural herbs.

Kudos to the successful Dr. Mohamed Khalil for proudly shining his motherland Lebanon with new ways to treat cancer, and thriving towards the human relief from that lethal disease!

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