Lebanese Doctor Just Saved A Passenger’s Life On Board Of A Flight

When the captain of one of the US Delta flights asked for a doctor, the Lebanese doctor, Ali Soueidan, quickly responded and got into action, putting his full effort to save a passenger’s life at 30,000 feet.

Dr. Ali Soueidan, a Lebanese from South Lebanon, was flying to Detroit on Delta Airlines flight 237. During the flight, a woman passenger started suffering from severe chest pain. 

Her unstable condition triggered an urgent action from the crew, followed by the captain making an announcement, asking if any doctor was on board. Dr. Ali rushed from his seat to the woman whom he found in a hard condition.

Upon examining the ailing woman, Doctor Soueidan identified symptoms of a heart attack. He began giving her the necessary first aid procedures for several minutes until the woman was out of risk, saving her life. 

His great volunteer aid did not go unrecognized.  Delta Airlines felt highly grateful that he saved the passenger’s life.

The company manager addressed him with a letter, expressing the appreciation of his company for his “great humanitarian service” and included a financial gift in recognition of his efforts.

Dr. Ali Soueidan is a Lebanese critical care medicine specialist who currently resides in Bay City – United States. He graduated with honor in 2001 from Kaunas University of Medicine and has been practicing his profession since then.

With over 18 years of experience in the field, Dr. Soueidan affiliates with many hospitals, including Mclaren Bay Region, Huron Medical Center, West Branch Regional Medical Center, Saint Mary’s Standish Community Hospital, and Scheurer Hospital. 

He cooperates and teams up with many doctors and specialists in these hospitals.