Lebanese Doctor Saves Child’s Life in Japan

MTV Lebanon | @Dr. ABD EL KADER

Lebanese doctor Abdulkader Al-Askar, a specialist in orthopedic and spinal surgery, successfully treated an extremely rare medical condition.

A 15-year-old child arrived at Okayama University Hospital in Japan, suddenly paralyzed. After medical examinations and necessary imaging, it was revealed that the child suffered from Basilar invagination.

The second cervical vertebra had dislocated towards the spinal cord opening at the base of the brain. In most cases, this condition leads to lifelong paralysis or death.

Immediately, an emergency surgery lasting over 4 hours was performed using innovative techniques in collaboration with a comprehensive medical team.

The cervical vertebra was repositioned and stabilized below the skull, and the spinal cord opening was fully released using the O-arm navigation system.

The child was successfully treated without any notable complications, regaining full mobility in all limbs the day after surgery.

This innovative technique has been published in a scientific research paper in leading global medical journals under the name of Dr. Abdulkader Al-Askar and the participating medical team.

Al-Askar, a Lebanese physician from Baalbek, is currently in Japan on a medical mission specializing in advanced spinal surgeries and the treatment of back pain and disc problems using the latest innovative technologies in the field.

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