Lebanese Doctor In Switzerland Is Revolutionizing Urological Surgeries

More and more Lebanese doctors are appearing under the spotlight and making the news, and not only in Lebanon. In recent times, we shared with you several of such outstanding achievements.

In addition to the Lebanese-American doctor engineering Lab-Grown organs, the Lebanese doctor in the US who made a paralyzed man walk again, and the young doctor who created the Touch Surgery in the UK, to 10+ Great Achievements by Lebanese Doctors in 2019, and many others. 

In Lebanon, our doctors are also excelling in their field. A successful surgery was recently performed under hypnosis for the first time in the country, as well as a first knee robotic surgery, and the list goes on.

Today, a new name joins the news of Lebanese remarkable doctors. Doctor Nadim Douaihy, has achieved a robotic urology surgery in Switzerland.

He was actually the first surgeon to present his practical exam in Switzerland in a realistic condition using robotic surgery.

Born in the Lebanese northern city of Zgharta, Dr. Douaihy is a surgeon specialized in urology.

He acquired his doctorate in medicine in 2004 at the Faculty of Medicine of the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, achieving a doctorate thesis on laparoscopic extra-peritoneal prostatectomy.

He then went on to complete his surgical training at Sion hospital in 2006. In 2012 he was appointed head of the urology department at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), which is the largest university hospital in Switzerland.

A year later, he obtained the FMH (Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum) in urology.

He currently supervises 25 doctors at the department of urology at the HUG. He is also a medical coordinator of the HUG Prostate Cancer Center and an academic professor for last year’s students in urology at the University of Geneva. 

In an interview with the National News Agency (NNA), Dr. Douaihy stated that this type of robotic urological surgery is revolutionary in the medical field. Robotic surgeries shorten recovery time and hospitalization of patients.

Robotics surgeries have become the next best thing in medicine. They are getting more and more popular as their benefits outweigh their risks. Their small incisions reduce pain and discomfort as well as the risk of infection and bleeding.  

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