31 Lebanese Doctors Offering Free Consultations to Help Those In Need In Lebanon

Doctors save lives. However, their importance these days in Lebanon goes beyond just saving lives. They have chosen to stand with the people, to be in the streets supporting the revolution, to be awesomely human in helping the people out.

Lebanese doctors have been participating greatly in the Lebanese revolution by offering their services from their offices or in the field.

They have also marched in protest representing their profession against the corruption that has brought so many sufferings to the people.

It is the duty of the doctor to attend to the community’s needs under all and any circumstances, and now more than ever. A remarkable example of Lebanese doctors going far and beyond duty to help out is the story of Dr. Lattouf and the Tripoli’s amputee

Due to the economic crisis ravaging the country, many people have been let go from work, while others cannot find jobs. The economy has rendered more than 40% of the population under the poverty line. 

That’s in addition to the failure of the government to provide essential social assistance to its people, like health care and the elderly’s pension. Thus, those that have little income prefer to feed their families and endure their health issues rather than spend it on doctor consultations.

Many heartwarming initiatives by Lebanese individuals and entities are taking place to support the people and those unable to provide their families with food, clothing, and healthcare.

One of these outstanding initiatives is the free Khayyak App recently launched by a team of young Lebanese to connect those who need help with those who can provide it, across Lebanon.

Khayyak, which is very easy to use, allows people to request the type of help they need so that others who are able to help contribute their support.

There are many links in this application, from food and clothes to services. Among them, free doctor consultations! 

Lebanese doctors across Lebanon are adding their names and contact numbers to be available to those needing a medical consultation and can’t afford it. So far, 32 doctors have listed themselves.

In the list of Khayyak app, you’ll find them under “to give” then by clicking on “free doctors’ consultations.”

This great step helps hundreds of people that are in pain or have lost hope. Since the beginning of the revolution, the Lebanese society has come more and more together, hand in hand, to spread authentic human love all over Lebanon without any discrimination or politics.

Khayyak is what it means of brotherly support as the nation stands as one family, helping and lifting each other to make it through this highly challenging time.

Thanks to Khayyak now (and we do mean big thanks!), an interconnection of support is being built in an easily accessible and very effective network across Lebanon.

We do encourage everybody to visit the App and check it out and see how to help. You don’t need to be a professional or well-off to help. Help is of many forms and they all matter these days.

Even if you think you have nothing to offer or to contribute, you might be surprised once you check out the list of demands and offers.

The founders advise not to donate money and to use common sense.

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