Lebanese Order of Physicians Calls For Strike After Armed Assault On Doctor

Lebanese Order of Physicians Calls For Strike After Armed Assault on Doctor
Rayak Hospital

The Lebanese Order of Physicians held an emergency meeting on Thursday, June 4th, after a group of armed assailants attacked members of the medical body of Rayak Hospital, near Zahle in the Beqaa Governorate.

In the conclusion of the meeting, the Order decided to call on its affiliated doctors to “pause work on Wednesday, 10/6/2020, except for emergency cases,” Al-Jadeed reported.

This was after armed individuals attacked Dr. A.H in the perimeter of Rayak Hospital, injuring his son, on Tuesday, June 2nd.

The attack, which involved gunshots as well as rocket projectiles, was the byproduct of a heated conflict between two local families, as reported by Lebanon Debate.

The Order of Physicians said that this “surprising attack” is not the first to occur in recent times. In fact, it comes “after a series of attacks on doctors who are performing their duties to the fullest in several Lebanese regions,” it explained.

It is for this reason that the Order finds this attack to be directed “against the Order itself and all its affiliates.” It added that the attack “threatens not only [the doctors’] safety but also the health and safety of the patients.”

Legally, the Order of Physicians announced its intent to press charges, “immediately, against all actors, participants, and instigators, and against everyone revealed by the investigation.”

The Order also said that will hold a press conference on Tuesday, June 9th, one day before its planned strike commences, “to explain what is going on and to indicate how dangerous it is.”

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