Lebanese Doctor In UAE Discovered A Rare Genetic Condition


The Lebanese consultant endocrinologist, and head of the department at Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in the UAE, Dr. Imad Al-Kibi was able to diagnose the rare case of a young Emirati man.

The Emirati patient, in his thirties, has been suffering from a health condition that he had been following up medically for nearly 10 years after he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Upon comparing the results of the medical tests and the symptoms, Dr. Al-Kibi and his medical team found that the patient suffers from a rare condition: “a genetic change in response to thyroid hormones.”

Dr. Al-Kibi said in a press talk that “after reviewing the tests, it was found that the level of the pituitary regulating hormone was always at its normal levels.”

“However, the results of the thyroid hormone were very high for more than 3 times its normal level, and the patient was not suffering from any symptoms of hyperthyroidism,” he explained.

This led to his suspicion that the patient may have a genetic condition that causes inconsistency between the results of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland.

Dr. Al-Kibi pointed out that the patient underwent genetic tests, the results of which confirmed that he had a genetic condition. Further examinations revealed that some of his family members also had the same condition.

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