This Lebanese Ecologist Is Saving Endangered Sea Turtles In The South Of Lebanon!

A Lebanese ecologist named Mona Khalil is doing her best to save the sea turtles in the south of Lebanon, more precisely in El Mansouri.

Khalil is an active participant when it comes to saving sea turtles. The sea turtles in Lebanon are endangered species. Unfortunately, the environment they are living in is not helping them to survive.

The sea in Lebanon is polluted mainly because of the trash crisis. Also, the sea turtles are exposed to predators.

Tyre is famous for its beautiful beaches that are rich in sea animals. In order to save this marine life, Khalil decided to step in and make a change.

This Lebanese ecologist relocates the nests of sea turtles and puts them between metal grids to maximize their safety and their chances of survival.

In fact, there are two breeds of sea turtles in Lebanon: the green turtle and the vulnerable loggerhead turtle. In addition to that, she is present when the eggs are hatching. She released the baby turtles this year in the presence of children and their parents.

Khalil considers that educating people about this issue is crucial. She wants to make sure that future generations take care of sea turtles. For that reason, she invites schoolchildren to watch hatchings and the release of the baby turtles into the sea.


The polluted Mediterranean Sea is killing marine animals

The Mediterranean Sea contains a lot of plastics bags. Sea animals are mistaking them for jellyfish so a lot of them are consuming plastic which is killing them. The trash crisis in Lebanon is not making the case any better.

The garbage crisis is slowly infecting the Mediterranean Sea.

The garbage mountain in Bourj Hammoud is growing through land reclamation since the waste is planned to be disposed of at sea.

The toxic wastes that are dumped in the sea are taking up the oxygen from the water, resulting in the death of the maritime life.

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