Discover Elie Saab’s Majestic Bridal Collection For Fall 2022

Elie Saab

The Lebanese designer Elie Saab released a bridal collection in Fall 2022, which is described as a moving portrait of the ever-changing yet majestic bride.

The bridal collection showcases thin trails made of fine silk and delicate lace, leaving a graceful sheer imprint that traces and captures an imperial poise.

Elie Saab’s collection features timeless silhouettes with a royal touch made with elegant fabrics and exquisite details, which are brought to life with a subtle glance and gentle movement.

The bridal gowns for Fall 2022 are “fresh” with delicate laces, whimsical shoulder bows, and sculpted a-lines figures, as well as stones and silver sequins used to create a reflective glowing aura.

The collection also features a ballerina bodice created by layers of organza petals.

The Lebanese designer creates an embroidered mermaid silhouette to bring versatility and trendiness while adding luminous mikado billows, expanding into a grand gown with a strapless bodice.

Complementing the bridal gowns, Elie Saab details the dressed in stunning veils and headpieces that “extend each bride’s horizon” by adding a timeless essence to illuminate “her forever moving femininity.”

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