Lebanese Engineer Graduates Are Producing Artificial Respiration Devices

Lebanese University Engineers produce respiratory devices
Lebanese University

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon, it’s expected that the artificial respiration devices will not be enough for the patients. Lebanon already suffers from a lack of medical equipment and the number of confirmed cases is increasing quickly.

While this problem is evident, three Lebanese University engineer graduates decided to join the fight against the coronavirus with their skills and knowledge, by working to produce the needed devices.

Hisham Issa, Hussein Hamdan, and Hussein Al-Haj Hassan, who is also a Ph.D. graduate in Telecommunication Engineering from IMT Atlantique, have already things figured out and are collaborating with a doctor specialized in the respiratory system.

This team of three young engineers and a specialized doctor succeeded in producing an artificial respiratory device locally from products available in the Lebanese market.

In order to finalize it, they are now calling for others to join them in their endeavor to finalize the product, and most precisely a team of individuals who are able to do the following, according to their post on their Facebook pages:

  • program the microcontrollers and troubleshooting for the electronic board,
  • do 3D printing for the mechanical components,
  • do testing and assembly for the device,

A wise man once said that the need or shortage is the mother of all inventions, and these young Lebanese are proving it alright. They are also proven their capabilities, let alone their eagerness, to help with this fight that concerns all the country.

Any engineer from any other university able to join their team is urged to call them at 78861104 or contact any of them on their Facebook pages.

The fight is on and at its peak and all help matters to this team.

Lebanese University Corona Unit
Lebanese University

Once again, the Lebanese University(LU) students are proving themselves. We’ve seen earlier how the LU medical students and doctors have volunteered to help at the RHUH when no other university allowed their med students to join in.

They teamed up to form the Coronavirus Unit, which is made up of 14 doctors. They work around the clock free of charge in the hospital.

Mohammad El-Jannoun l Lebanese University

They recently released a video from their Unit at the hospital, lifting the mood of the public and informing them how to adopt certain new prevention measures. Check it out.

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