This Lebanese Engineer’s Invention Will Reduce Car Accidents!

A Lebanese engineer came up with an invention that could save a lot of lives. Dr. Georges Aoude invented an early crash detector called Derq that will reduce road accidents. A holder of a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from MIT, Aoude’s experiences with NASA, the American Navy, and Ford gave him a strong foundation in his field. He even worked with the US Department of Transportation that helped him to develop his technology.

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Aoude began working on this project while he was in college. It consisted of a self-control system which he has a patent for it. After graduation, he left the United States and settled in Dubai where he founded his company called Derq. Along with his teammates, Aoude is developing a technology that is the first of its kind. This device aims at detecting certain behaviors that could lead to road accidents. After predicting a potential car crash, it will send alerts to the cars that are near the dangerous area.

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Examples of harmful behaviors are running a red light or driving too fast. The main benefit of this device is that it would alert the driver of a threat before getting near the potential accident’s area. That way, the driver would have time to be aware and be more careful.

How will Derq work?

Roads will be equipped with sensors that could detect bad and fast driving. Once a potential threat is identified, an alert will be sent to cars that are at risk of a road accident. To note, cars will have alert devices. The good thing about Derq is that it can predict 9 out of 10 accidents.

Derq’s future plans

Derq is currently working with the government of the implement this project. Three years from now, this device could be found in cars. The device will be tested in Dubai next year. Also, Dr. Aoude expressed his interest in collaborating with the Lebanese government to make the Lebanese roads safer.

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