Lebanese Environment Minister Just Submitted His Resignation

anciensesib | @lebanon_by_nature

Shaken by the Beirut explosion, the Minister of Environment Damianos Kattar has just quit, submitting his resignation to Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

This would make him the second minister to officially resign after Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad, who apologized to the Lebanese for failing them.

The explosion killed over 150 people without sparing children nor senior citizens. It has affected women, men, Lebanese, foreigners, people of every religion, sect, social class, etc. It is a national disaster.

“Friends of my children died in the explosion, and I can no longer continue with these responsibilities at the ministry,” he told Diab.

However, according to MTV News, Kattar is being pressured to go back on his decision and “withdraw or freeze his resignation.”

Moreover, even after resigning, he attended a ministerial meeting in the Grand Serail.

As more resignations are expected, Diab is urging for patience in making decisions to resign until the Cabinet session in Baabda.

Meanwhile, there are still ministers and members of parliament who do not see the importance of resigning.

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