Lebanese Engineers Create Eco-Friendly Solution For Stolen Drain Covers

Ziad Abi Chaker

Lebanon has been witnessing a rise in theft of metal material such as iron manhole and drain covers, as well as cemetery’s iron doors and other metal scraps, which are being sold by weight for profit.

Holes left open in the streets and sidewalks have been posing a danger to passersby and drivers as the concerned municipalities have not addressed the issue as of yet. Just over a week ago, someone fell into one of the holes in Beirut late at night.

As has been the case with various government-unattended issues since 2019, including the consequences of the Beirut Port Explosion, civilians have stepped in once again for a solution.

Eager to eradicate the grave risks that these street holes pose to the public, a team of engineers at Cedar Environmental, headed by its CEO Ziad Abi Chaker, have come up with a much-needed solution.

They have started manufacturing plastic covers to replace the stolen ones in an eco-friendly way. They are creating the new drain covers by giving new life to single-use plastic, using their extrusion technology.

The961 reached out to Abi Chaker who was not immediately available for comment.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and, in the absence of a functional and dedicated government, the people in Lebanon find themselves compelled to initiate solutions for the collective to survive the multiple crises.

From cleaning the debris of the devastated streets of Beirut right after the August 4th Explosion and sheltering those left homeless, to working on rebuilding the shattered homes and helping the deprived, the Lebanese people are not abandoning their country.

Lebanese contractors have even proposed a plan that will rebuild the Port of Beirut without the state having to spend on it.