Lebanese People Are Being Evicted From Their Homes Into The Streets!

The consequences of the Lebanese economic crisis have cast a dark shadow on Lebanon. Capital control with a $200 limit is said to get worse.

The prices in supermarkets keep rising, everything is getting more expensive, and people cannot afford their basic needs anymore.

The economic crisis ravaging the country, many people have lost their jobs while others cannot find any. The economy has rendered more than 40% of the population under the poverty line. 

Basic human rights have been snatched away from the people, along with their dignity, and the government is nowhere to be seen. Lebanese people are suffering greatly and NGOs do not have the capacity to help.

Every day Lebanese people wake up to new problems and occurrences worse than the day before, and the government is still taking its sweet time.

This new occurrence is the worst yet! Many cannot afford to pay their rent and end up losing the roof over their heads. The situation has resulted in many being evicted from their homes.

Where are these people to go in this cold? How will the kids survive the storms?

The shadow of poverty has never been more apparent than it is in Tripoli today. Families from the north, including Akkar, have taken over the Rashid Karami International Fair campus to set up tents to shield their families from the rain, wind, and cold.

These families have all been evicted, tens of children in tents with no roof over their heads. And where is the government?

According to Lebanon24, this is a sign that things are worsening. People revolting in the streets for close to three months now have been doing so to impede Lebanon to reach that level of misery.

In the absence of a minimum of mindful response by the ruling officials to the outcry of the nation, these people have now lost everything and have no place to go. 

What little these people had, they lost it during this crisis. How worse is the situation going to get before the officials decide to snap out of the egocentric bubble they are in?

How worse is it going to get before someone or something steps up to save the country? This situation is not acceptable at any humanitarian level.

We get to wonder… How well are the responsible officials sleeping in the face of the unfurling human tragedy?

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