Lebanese Expat Arrives At Polling Station In Beirut To Find Out Someone Already Voted On Her Behalf

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Chaos and legal violations have been occurring in today’s elections, with some reports of people voting on behalf of dead relatives.

In the latest of such dreadful voting scams, an ex-pat arrived today from abroad at her assigned voting station in Beirut to find out that someone has already voted on her behalf.

Maya Deran Azmekian lives mainly abroad but had registered to vote in Lebanon and was assigned to vote at the Mesrobian School Registry in Bourj Hammoud.

A complaint report was filed on this matter.

In a similar incident, a Lebanese voter informed LADE coordinator in Ain Anoub, Aley, that he was banned from voting assuming that he had already voted although he didn’t.

To confirm this, he showed the monitors that there was no ink on his finger.

According to his testimony, he had submitted a request to renew his identity card, but he couldn’t receive it on time, so he renew his passport for one day to vote.

A complaint report was made with the voter signing a document to LADE stating the incident.

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