Lebanese Expat Just Paid the Electricity Bills of Everyone in His Village

Municipality of Kfarhazir / IMLebanon

The Head of the Municipality of Kfarhazir Fawzi Al-Maalouf confirmed that a Lebanese expat from the northern village of Kfarhazir in Koura decided to pay the private electricity generator bills of everyone in the village.

In a video posted by the Municipality on its Facebook page, the Lebanese expat -who did not mention his name- announced that he’s willing to cover all these bills of everyone in his village for the month of March 2020.

This includes the bills of the families of Kfarhazir and of other villages residing in Kfarhazir as well as the bills of stores, establishments, and refugees.

The Head of the Municipality Fawzi Al-Maalouf thanked the Lebanese expat for his generosity and affection. In return, the man sent a voice message to the people of Kfarhazir, hoping that they can all “overcome this stage in good health and peace of mind.”

“To my people and my family in my village,” the man said in his video, “I salute your resilience in the mental and economic crisis that you are going through. I wish I can be with you, but I assure you that I am with you by heart and mind.”

The Kfarhazir expat emphasized that his initiative is a message of encouragement to Lebanese people abroad to do the same. “To everyone who is able to help their families and support them by actions and not by words, I encourage you to do so.”

“I represent my conscious, my religion, my patriotism, and my upbringing in the streets of Kfarhazir where I used to play,” the expat is heard saying in his video message. “I also represent the church I prayed in [in Kfarhazir], the olive tree I took shelter under, and the soil of the country that my parents are buried in.”

On the other hand, Al-Maalouf emphasized that “the municipality continues the necessary measures and requirements to maintain zero coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the town.”

He also wished from everyone “to commit to the decision of public mobilization and stay in their homes as well as not go out except for extreme necessity.”

Listen to the Lebanese expat’s heartwarming message to the people of Kfarhazir:

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