Lebanese expat voting just ended and voter turnout reached 59 percent

Lebanese expats voted in the parliamentary election for the first time in history on Friday and Saturday. The number of registered voters is 70,355. Australia, Canada, and the U.S. are home to the highest number of registered voters, respectively. The voting process took place at the Lebanese consulates and embassies from 7 AM till 10 PM. Each voter received a ballot and an envelope. After the election, the envelopes were sealed, placed in a diplomatic bag, and sent to Lebanon. Here’s the voter turnout in each Arab state:

  • Qatar: 76.5%
  • Oman: 74.6%
  • Kuwait: 69.1%
  • Saudi Arabia: 62.4%
  • United Arab Emirates: 62.1%
  • Egypt: 51%

Lebanese expats voting in non-Arab states voted yesterday. According to the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

, here’s the voter turnout:

  • Africa: 68%
  • Europe: 60%
  • Australia: 58%
  • North America: 55%
  • South America: 45%

The process was smooth overall, but some people could not find their names on the voters’ list. According to


, some Lebanese expats residing in Berlin could not find their names registered at the polling stations there. Their names were listed in other cities which are hours away. Also, some ballot boxes will arrive late to Lebanon because DHL does not work on Sundays or Labor Day. The final box was closed today morning in the United States. A major issue that the voters in the Diaspora faced is the fact that their personal information was leaked to candidates. Lebanese expats registered to vote abroad online. They included their names, ID numbers, phone numbers, email address, the address of residence, etc. A vast majority of them received messages, emails, phone calls, and even voice notes from candidates. How is it acceptable to leak their personal information without their consent?

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