Lebanese Expatriates Are Coming to the Rescue of Lebanon

The Lebanese revolution has been going on for over a month and, since then, Lebanon has witnessed a whole range of support. From people in the country to expatriates, everyone played a huge and loyal role in this revolt for urgent reforms.


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We previously covered the amazing initiative of the Lebanese people abroad on Independence Day. Lebanese people residing in various places around the world came home to support the revolution and participated in the people’s parade, starting with a big celebration at the airport upon their arrival.

This was their way of showing their concerns from their homeland to which they remain devoted. They proclaimed their belonging to this country,  and if not with their bodies, then in their hearts and thoughts.


They came to give further motivation for their fellow Lebanese people, their friends, and their families and also for their country that they love and miss dearly.

So what now? You may ask. Many of them came to celebrate independence day and it was great. Have they gone back to their normal lives abroad while people here are still fighting? I’m glad to tell you that no, not all of them! Some have stayed here to support, and many are still to come soon.

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In fact, the call has been launched from the diaspora and it has touched the hearts of so many Lebanese across the world, and they, in turn, have joined in the call and planning. The video has been circulating online.

They are planning to come for the holidays and spend locally as much as they can to stream some funds into the economy. Coming to the rescue is their new trending campaign, and the bookings have started for Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Lebanon. 

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This is the diaspora’s attempt to help Lebanon’s economy by spending as much as they can during their stay here. This won’t solve the economic crisis but it will certainly help. Every action matters. And there will be many of them.

The Coming for Rescue campaign is being undertaken by the Lebanese coming from Europe, the United States, Australia, the Arab Gulf, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and you name it.

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Together, the Lebanese people will get over this rough period. They have done enough to prove themselves worthy of solving problems with the little they have at hand when the people in power couldn’t with all that they have in their hands.

As it has been proven over and over again, the Lebanese people here and abroad are doing their best, and it is working because the collective intention is good and pure, and the unity strong.


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