Lebanese Expats and Locals Are Creating an Alternate Economy for Lebanon

Jobs for Lebanon
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Lebanon is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. The Lebanese Lira is losing its value. Businesses are closing at a frightening pace. Unemployment is skyrocketing. 

Jobs For Lebanon

With these problems and more in mind, Lebanese expatriates and locals have collaborated to come up with a concept that can provide new job opportunities for their fellow citizens.

The concept is Jobs For Lebanon, an online marketplace where Lebanese agencies and companies abroad can hire freelancers living in Lebanon instead of foreigners.

Considering there are over 16 million Lebanese citizens scattered around the world, and over 6 million in Lebanon, this marketplace holds the potential to solve at least part of the troublesome unemployment problem.

It’s no secret that a great number of Lebanese graduates and experienced workers have either never found a job opportunity or lost their job to the economic crisis.

The country holds an enormous reserve of educated, talented, and experienced individuals whose potential is being wasted in a dead and hopeless marketplace.

In addition to the paralyzing economic crisis, corruption, and nepotism, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has delivered a major blow to the Lebanese nation’s workforce.

With Jobs For Lebanon, employers looking to hire someone for a job that can be done by a freelancer can post their offering on the website and start receiving proposals from freelancers living in Lebanon.

Similarly, a person in Lebanon looking for a job to fulfill without having to move abroad can browse the postings and apply for the ones that suit his/her credentials.

Right now, Jobs For Lebanon‘s website includes a plethora of roles that range from administration to advertising, consultation, design, and more.

This new project aims to create an alternate economy for Lebanon and, ultimately, “revive the Lebanon we know and love.”

Their call: “Join the movement. Empowering the diaspora of 16 million Lebanese to hire qualified talent in Lebanon.”

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Jobs For Lebanon was created by Lebanese expatriates and locals – (March 30th, 2020): We initially reported that the project was started by Lebanese expatriates alone. Upon being presented with new information, we reflected this in the corrections.

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