Lebanese Factory in Sidon is Sewing Virus Protection Gear in Response to Shortage

After the first coronavirus case appeared in Lebanon, Lebanese across the country rushed to buy protective medical masks and hand sanitizers, which has led to a shortage and to the monopolization of these items by numerous establishments skyrocketing their prices.

With the COVID-19 cases increasing in Lebanon and the nation on alert, a small sewing factory in the Lebanese southern city of Sidon decided to contribute its own solution to the problem. It has moved into sewing virus-protection gear.

Mohammad Zaatari/DS

Under the supervision of the Islamic Care, Mashghal al Oum has diverted all its daily work to produce hundreds of protective suits, according to The Daily Star.

Dozens of local women work daily on collecting, sewing, and making hundreds of protective suits that are packaged and delivered to the beneficiaries.

Wafaa Wehbi, the executive director of this factory, told Saidanet that the workshop is “manufacturing and producing protective suits against the virus and any virus.”

“These suits are made of Titanium TNT, which isolates the body from water or any germs and prevents their entry,” she explained.

As it is impossible to complete normal work in this situation, “we had to stop all work and focus on meeting the society’s need for such protective suits,” she added.

Wehbe stated that there are more than 40 women working to produce 200 protective suits daily. These suits are specifically made for hospitals, pharmacies, dispensaries, petrol stations, health workers, and others who come in direct contact with the sick.

She explained to Saidanet that these suits meet the highest health standards. Even the workshop’s workers and employees are required to submit to a heat test at the start of the day and to sanitize their hands.

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