Lebanese Family Surprised Self-Quarantined Mother on Her Birthday

Ya Beirut - يا بيروت

It is hard being quarantined, the whole world at this point agrees to that. Plans are canceled, people’s career paths or graduations may be on hold, families, friends are separated, social distancing has become a must, and it is just not that fun being at home 24/7.

This new lifestyle is particularly difficult for Lebanese people who love gathering, and are social and family-oriented to the core.

A Lebanese man, who must be missing out on a lot of things like everybody else, refused to miss out on his mother’s birthday and his parents’ 50th anniversary.

He was well aware that, for their protection, he can’t visit his parents, hug them, and celebrate these two special occasions with them at these sensitive times.

As everyone knows by now, self-quarantining and avoiding gathering are important, especially when parents and grandparents are involved.

Not wanting to miss the occasions though, he came along with his grown-up children and the housekeeper and went on calling his parents from the streets with a loudspeaker.

“We are committed to the Stay At Home campaign,” the man said through the microphone, “but we can’t let this day pass without celebrating, so we’re gonna celebrate from down here.”

It was obviously quite the surprise to both the mother and the father who came to the balcony, as their son and grandchildren blasted their Happy Birthday song from the street.

The man then wished his parents a happy anniversary, acknowledging how hard it was for them to raise him and his siblings (however, it is apparent that they did an amazing job at it).

This video is fun and heartwarming to watch, and the moment is priceless: