Lebanese Father Appealing About Son Who Was Taken 4 Days Ago (Video)

The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari | Thawra TV

“For God’s sake, where is my son?” This is a cry for help from a Lebanese father, Mohamad El-Ghadban, about his son.

Mohamad has no idea why his son was taken into custody- barefoot and in his pajamas- by Lebanese intelligence officers at 7 o’clock in the morning.

In a video uploaded by Thawra TV on May 2nd, he pleads to the President, security heads, and “anyone in charge in the country” to help him find out why his son was taken away in such an abrupt manner.

What’s worse is that authorities did not explain what the son is charged with or why and where he’s being taken in.

“Until now, I don’t know what he has done,” his father said, wondering what crime his son could have possibly committed. Finding out would offer some closure.

“His only crime was that he was one of the revolutionaries, that he was protesting for his rights and the rights of others.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time intelligence officers unfairly detain innocent people who have participated in the revolution.

After receiving mixed information from unconfirmed sources about his son’s condition, the only thing Mohamad wants is to know if his son is okay and being treated well, or if he’s been beaten and left starving.

“The least they can do is give us a phone call and tell us about our kid, how he’s doing, and what he’s charged with.”

“I used to be proud to say I’m Lebanese,” he said and goes on to explain the difficulties of being able to get in touch with police or any security forces.

“Imagine your kid is missing for four days, and hasn’t been coming home. Isn’t it your right to know where he is?”

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