Lebanese FBI Fugitive Nakhle Nader Claims To Be Victim Of Character Assassination

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Nakhle Nader aka Mike Nader is believed to be a co-owner of Cheers Cousin Mike, a bar in Batroun. He is wanted by the FBI on four counts of income tax evasion. He is reported to have a tattoo of Hezbollah’s chief, Hassan Nassrallah, on his abdomen.

The FBI accuses him of attempting to evade paying due income tax from about October 2013 to September 2016.

Nader allegedly withheld information from his tax preparer regarding several sources of additional income, debt forgiveness received in 2013, and his repeated use of business monies to pay for personal expenses.

Nader said in his first interview with local media that “the FBI mixed his alleged crime (tax evasion) with other fugitive’s crime, which is weapons smuggling from the United States to Lebanon.”

“The reason behind this combination is of course character assassination,” he added.

Back in 2011 in Beverly Hills, Nader met the “biggest” lobbyist in California for Israel. During a coffee talk, according to Nader, she was proving to him that Israel is trying to help the Lebanese, especially the Christians.

She named Hezbollah a terrorist organization, which made Nader stand up and defend Hezbollah.

Later on, Nader was arrested for a police ticket and that was the moment he knew that he was on the list of terrorism.

Nader blamed the whole thing on the lobbyist that “didn’t like his political view.”

As for Hezbollah’s chief tattoo on his abdomen, he said that he did it after being listed on the terrorism list, naming Hassan Nasrallah as “a non-sectarian person” worth to be loved for having “always defended the Lebanese territory.”

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