Lebanese Randomly Finds $20,000 Cash (Video)


A video circulating shows how two Lebanese came across a large amount of the elusive U.S. Dollar, but every single bill was basically unusable.

The unsalvageable dollar bills were found inside of a burnt pillow at a landfill in the southern village of Batoulay, east of Tyre.

According to the men taking the video, the dollars amounted to up to $20,000. One of them was heard jokingly complaining about his bad luck.

“You’d think we’d be able to find at least something that’s useable,” one said.

They both laughed at how ridiculous and unfortunate it was that they came upon such a large sum of money but can’t even benefit from it.

The video is not apparently recent but has started making a comeback, serving as a portrayal of how relatable it is as Lebanon continues to suffer from the shortage of dollars.

The video sparks many questions: Who did that pillow belong to? Why did they stuff so much money in it? Was it a homeless person? What they are feeling after losing such a large amount of money?

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Lebanese Randomly Finds $20,000 Cash (Video)

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