Lebanon’s Flag Missing During Lebanese Prime Minister’s Official Meeting With Iranian President In New York

Iranian MFA

Journalist Dima Sadek published footage of the meetings that brought together Iranian President Raisi and different world officials in separate sessions.

All the official sessions had the flags of the respective countries, as protocol obliges, except Lebanon as the meeting held with the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati had only the Iranian flag.

Whether intentional or by neglect, the scene has nonetheless raised questions and displeasure among the Lebanese people.

From his side, the Lebanese Prime Minister appeared to have chosen to ignore that breach in protocol that disclaims his country.

He instead expressed his satisfaction at the meeting with the Iranian president and said, “I would have liked this meeting to be held in Tehran and I will definitely meet with you in Tehran soon.”

He stated that Lebanon has seen nothing but good from Iran and has always wanted the best relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding, “Bilateral relations with Iran are at a very good and excellent level”.

Raisi expressed that the progress, security, and peace of Lebanon are very important for Iran, and said, “Lebanon is the frontline of the resistance and a prominent name in the forefront of the resistance movement”.

The Iranian president went on to add, “Lebanon, as the front of resistance, made an impact over the entire region and showed that only resistance can stop the brutality and aggression of the Zionist Regime.”