The Lebanese Flag Was Raised In Argentina To Celebrate Lebanese Independence Day


After the Lebanese in Halifax, Canada, raised the Lebanese flag at the City Hall’s Grand Parade, the Lebanese community in Argentina also honored their home country last Saturday.

The Sociedad Libanesa de Rosario (Lebanese Society of Rosario) celebrated their heritage by honoring Lebanon and raising the Lebanese flag at the Galeria de Honor de las Banderas de América in Rosario, Santa Fe.

During the almost yearly event, the Lebanese community made a floral offering to the Argentine flag, and the municipal authorities also made a floral offering to the Lebanese community in return.

Founded on July 29, 1928, by a group of immigrants, the Lebanese Society of Rosario hosts today many Lebanese descendants who carry out cultural activities honoring Lebanese culture.

Diego Abou Jahjah, a member of the association, told 961 that the Sociedad Libanesa de Rosario hosts a school of oriental dances, dabke, Lebanese gastronomy, a research center on Lebanese immigration, and “a large committee of young people passionate about the culture of the Lebanese Motherland.”

“Our city is the cradle of the Argentine national flag, hoisted for the first time here in 1812. In the location of that historical landmark, there is a colossal monument in which on November 22 of each year, we raise the Lebanese flag,” he added.

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