The Lebanese Flag Was Upside Down At The Grand Serail Yesterday – Here’s Why


The office of caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab has responded to news circulating about the Lebanese flag being upside down at the Grand Serail, expressing that it was a mistake after all.

The sight raised flags over the possible meaning behind the violation of protocol of the national flag’s position. In other countries, the position of the national flags is often a symbol or sign with a significant meaning.

However, the Lebanese flag appeared to be upside-down unintentionally simply due to a malfunction, which makes the whole situation all the more laughable.

The PM’s office explained that a loop of one of four flags raised at the Grand Serail broke and that is why it was upside down. It has since been repaired.

In comments to The961 on Instagram, Manale Nazha laughed, “Just like our situation,” while Antonio Sawma expressed that it was “a good representation of Lebanon [right now].”

Miled Bared wrote, “Fun fact: a flag raised upside down symbolizes defeat.” It’s ironic that a malfunction was able to express “the defeat” or send a distress signal about the utter collapse of the country while the politicians continue to act like everything is fine.